Potty Training begins…


So, February seems to be the month we are tackling milestones with Isabel.  We have kicked off official potty training with her today.  So far it’s going great.  No accidents yet, and she’s gone peepee 5 times in the potty.  #2 is going to be the big one for her.  She’s quite possessive and private when it comes to that.  Praying that the next few days go well.

Next milestones, big girl bed and no more binkie.  Can’t decide which one to do first.  Any suggestions?


~ by kristineho on February 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Potty Training begins…”

  1. We did both together… a big girl sleeps in a big bed without a pacifier is how we explained it to Emma. We had her throw it away as well…

  2. Hmm she may be on to something, but I was going to suggest doing the big girl bed and then the binkie. But full swoop might be good!

  3. We did the bed first, paci second. Jack gave his Paci’s to the baby chimps at the zoo. And Santa took Sammy’s to give to the baby reindeer. We kinda made it fun.

  4. I like Laura’s idea. I believe all of my girls had no paci before the big girl bed – big girls can’t sleep in big girl beds with a paci.

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