I’ve got the fever…

It’s here, the sewing fever.  I can barely contain myself.  Today, Courtney, Laura, and I went to M & L Fabric in Buena Park and it was awesome.  We were on a mission to find fabric for an upcoming project (more details to come later).  I bought so much stuff, and now I’m home, Isabel is down for a nap, and all i can think about is SEWING.  I want soooo bad to start the project right now.  I’ll see what I can do…

Update on Isabel and potty training:

She’s been in panties since last Friday and is doing great!  So far the record is 2 days no accidents, and we’ve even been on a few longer car rides!!  I’m excited.  She’s such a big girl.

Since we are moving her into a big girl bed next week, I’m on a hunt for bedding.  I think I found what I want, but am not 100% sure.  This is what I’m thinking…



~ by kristineho on February 12, 2008.

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