2008 World Championship BUNCO Tourney

We made it back from Vegas all in one piece.  The BUNCO tournament was a blast.  Second year for us to roll dice with the crazy women of BUNCO (and a few men too).  Last year Kelly, Jen and I went…img_5445.jpg This year was at Caesar’s Palace.  Although we didn’t win the $50,000, I did win about almost $50 combined on penny and nickel slots.  That was really exciting, seeing how I never play slot machines.  Anyway, this year we were 6 Beach Cities Bunco Babes (+1 baby in the belly).  Here are a couple pictures with us sporting our adorable shirts (thanks Ben) and us dressed up for the “toga” round….

img_5446.jpg   img_5454.jpg


~ by kristineho on March 11, 2008.

One Response to “2008 World Championship BUNCO Tourney”

  1. oh kristine.
    i love you BUT I’m pretty sure togas are reserved for ages 18-23
    however, you guys pulled them off pretty well if I do say so myself-I’m impressed.

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